Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Strange Turns in the Wanta Tale

Greg Szymanski writes on his website that the Treasury Department, to no ones surprise, denies Secretary Paulson was arrested. He also goes on to state this:

"Like many others, I was perplexed that nobody had much to say on the matter, not even a peep about it on Rense. A bunch of skeptics on "Amazing Randi's" blog all said it was a bunch of bull, without bothering to do any investigation.
I was actually the one, who started this thread, not at the James Randi Educational Forum, which he incorrectly titled a blog. I e-mailed Szymanski and asked him to take a look at my blog, and apparent lack of investigation, but have received no response.

Christopher Story adds to this tale, in a rather long and meandering post reminiscent of "A Beautiful Mind" in which he claims that Secretary Paulson took off for Israel. I guess if you have the Vatican involved, you need to get the Jews involved somehow. You wouldn't want the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists to feel left out.

Paulson must not have stayed long though, because he is scheduled to meet with the Japanese Finance Minister today in Washington.

Story than gets even more bizarre, when he starts attacking Greg Szymanski, who along with John Stadtmiller were the only people covering this.

A radio talk show host, Greg Szymanski, who has been vacillating for months, has taken it upon himself to imply that the information about Paulson's arrest, affirmed by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. and based upon sound intelligence, is a lie - Szymanski's 'evidence' being the say-so of some previously unheard-of alleged Treasury official or other. Since Szymanski is now de facto accusing Mr Cottrell of lying, the following information unfortunately has to be placed on the record right now.

I am not sure where he is getting this though, Szymanski did disagree as to who is responsible, but I have never seen him challenge the actual story.

Further, Arctic Beacon and World Reports differ on who are the real culprits behind the scene blocking the Wanta settlement, the Arctic Beacon questioning Vatican horseplay while World Reports saying this is out of the question and preposterous.

"This is really the only place that Christopher Story and I differ," said the Arctic Beacon editor. I know he has quested my intentions when I brought up a Vatican connection, but I can assure everyone I have only been trying to search for the real truth behind the Wanta story ever since I began communicating with Leo about a year and a half ago.

Having covered 9/11 conspiracy theorists extensively at Screw Loose Change, this is pretty typical. Those who believe the Jews did it inevitably begin attacking those who think it was Bush, who are of course considered shills by those who think it was the shadowy New World Order.

Story also slips up, when he "quotes" a lawyer from Nebrasks who is supposedly representing Wanta. First of all, if this guy is really worth $70 trillion why does he get his financial and legal representation from Erie, Pennsylvania and Omaha, Nebraska? The lawyer, Thomas E. Henry, goes on to state:

There are current rumours that Germany is questioning the intent and reason that Secretary Paulson is stalling completion of required tasks. It does not appear far-fetched to proffer that continued delay could have impact on the US Dollar and such impact has direct implication on national security.
How rather odd that Story, who is English, would post a letter from a Nebraska attorney, which uses the English spelling of "rumour", rather than the American spelling "rumor". It must be a typo...