Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chris Story Finds Religion

Christopher Story, in his latest Leo Wanta pseudo-update, doesn't even bother trying to fake presenting actual evidence, instead he indicates that he missed his true calling as a evangelist on cable TV to instead edit an overpriced journal spreading silly financial rumors:


In the meantime, we display below the pertinent quotations from Scripture and other sources that have been appended to these reports recently, augmented by two new Scripture quotations. The point of these citations, self-evidently, is that they are ALL precisely pertinent to the Wanta case. They may also serve as a reminder to those perpetrators of Jewish extraction as to how far they may have strayed from the glorious tradition and enlightenment of their age-old community:'




Yeah, OK. You might want to keep that in mind the next time you try spreading a story about being able to pay $24 trillion a year in taxes to the IRS.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'Bout Damn Time!

Greg Kinnear gave a classic portrayal of him in We Were Soldiers:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -An unarmed helicopter pilot from Manchester, Wash., who flew through a hail of bullets to rescue 70 wounded Americans in one of the fiercest battles of the Vietnam War was awarded the Medal of Honor on Monday, 41 years after his heroism.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Bruce Crandall, now 74, received the nation's highest military honor from President Bush in the White House East Room. The medal recognizes Crandall
for his valor in repeatedly flying into enemy fire to bring in ammunition and supplies and evacuate the wounded.

Crandall, then a 32-year-old major, completed a total of 22 flights in a 14-hour period on Nov. 14, 1965, most under intense enemy fire. His actions in the Battle at Ia Drang Valley were depicted in the 2002 movie "We Were Soldiers," adapted from the book "We Were Soldiers Once ... And Young."

It was a long time coming, but you deserve it Colonel.

The Crash

Being in the Pacific Northwest we have been studying China a fair amount in B-school, so this is not that surprising:

Yesterday's plunge in stock prices around the world, including the steepest percentage decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in nearly four years, signals that investors may finally be re-evaluating their insatiable appetite for risky investments.

The catalyst was Tuesday's nearly 9% fall in stock prices in Shanghai, one of the hottest and most volatile markets in the world. That helped send U.S. stocks on a roller coaster that ended with the DJIA down 416.02 points, or 3.3%, to 12216.24.

While China has had phenomenal industrial growth over the last two decades, their financial and regulator systems are still rather backwards, so get ready for a rough ride. Many companies are poorly managed, and accounting systems tend to be rather... uh... loose. Hopefully things will shake themselves out over the next two decades, and not disrupt the world markets.

I am actually visiting China for a couple of weeks on a study tour, starting next week, including visiting the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Maybe I can get some tips?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Welcome Kos Kidz

The two blogs I work on have been cited in a number of places, Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Time, US News, Vanity Fair, but this is the first time I remember being mentioned in the Daily Kos. Well... welcome. And to answer your questions, yes I am a conservative. No, I don't have a giant picture of George W. Bush on the wall that I bow to every morning. No, I don't sacrifice small children in the basement, and yes, I did graduate from high school.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Summary of the Story Wanta

A writer named Sol Aris has compiled a rather comprehensive saga of the history of this whole Wanta/Story story in the Conspiracy Times. It is well worth a read for you Wanta buffs.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Thieve's World

An article from the Capital Times I had cited earlier mentioned that Leo Wanta was mentioned in the book A Thieve's World. Due to the ongoing interest in this story, I decided to look up a copy, and see what it had to say. It was actually quite interesting.

The book as a whole covers the world of global organized crime, in fact the whole title is "A Thieve's World: Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime". Wanta is specifically mentioned in a section of the book, titled "The Great Ruble Scam", extending from page 169 to 225.

While the book can be rather speculative and maddenly vague at times, the author, Claire Sterling, suggests that Leo Wanta actually did participate in the ruble trade, as Wanta himself insists. Although she did not have him connected to the the US government, as Wanta claims he was a Secret Service agent, but tied to a shadowy group of mafia figures.

Wanta apparently did try to buy rubles at discount rates, at one point 140 billion rubles, but the deal fell through, ironically because of the US government. From page 180:

Whether or not Yeltsin consented personally, his closest adviser, Gennady Burbulis, did so implicityly: the proposal was referred to him, and he did not object. In fact, the Comission of Inquiry found an agreement already drawn up by Silaev's cabinet, accepting Wanta's offer. The agreement fell through, or seemed to, when the U.S. State Department warned that Wanta "had major debts and some credit card problems." ("I confronted him in November 1990, and he fled," said the chief investigator, Kalinichenko.)

It is also interesting the earliest mention of Wanta's involvement was in October 1990, because Wanta himself insists that then President Reagan sent him on this mission. Reagan of course left office in January of 1989.

There were evidently several attempts by various organized crime figures to buy up Russian rubles on the cheap, either as part of their crime business, such as money laundering, or an attempt to then get Russian resources, such as oil or gold at a discount. Most of these attempts failed, but some apparently succeeded, thus the title "The Great Ruble Scam". The author found no evidence that Wanta ever accomplished this though, and certainly not on the scale he has boasted about, in the hundreds of billions, or even trillions of dollars. In fact the entire value of Russian Rubles in 1990 was cited as $10 billion, hardly enough to for one person to make trillions of off trading.

The one trade which Wanta apparently was successful at was getting, was a contract to export petroleum, and import food, although no amount of money is cited. Sterling also speculates that Wanta may have been connected to a considerable amount of missing Russian gold, 2000 tons, although the only proof she gives for that is Wanta claiming that he was trying to sell large amounts of gold. It is odd that she just believes him, considering she spends the rest of the section, saying what a con man he is. From page 186:

Leo Emil Wanta, born in Appleton, Wisconsin, was a fifty-year-old, heavyset snake oil salesman, as Mr. X described him. Starting in out in the pinball machine business in Menomonee Falls, he had gone on to "work credit card and many, many other scam," said a senior FBI official.

For the U.S. Secret Service, where the files on him are a yard long, he is a "flim-flam artist," convicted in Switzerland for money laundering involving the Charleston Bank in Panama, deported to the United States to stand trial for tax evasion and wanted in Austria for aggravated fraud arising out of events going back to September 1990, just as he was moving in on the Russian government.

An eclectic trader, Wanta faxed offers to a worldwide clientele in the summer of 1990, including atropine tablets from Germany; ten million jute sandbags from Saudi Arabia; twenty million cartons a month of tax-free Marlboros from the Ukranian capital of Kiev; and two million gas masks from the U.S.S.R. "while the supply lasts." Apart from miscellaneous goods, Wanta was trading not just in rubles but in lire, yen, pesetas, deutche markes, Swiss francs, pounds sterling, and Singapore dollars for commissions up to 14 percent - the clear mark of a money launderer.

All in all, it appears he was up to something, but the line between fantasy and reality, becomes quite blurred.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Didn't Realize Being an Idiot Was a Criminal Defense

I am still shaking my head at this Ehren Watada thing. They declared a mistrial because he didn't understand a document he signed. OK... I realize lieutenants aren't always the smartest people in the world, but he did somehow manage to graduate college and make it through OBC. I would assume he has at least basic reading comprehension skills. Anyway, Front Page Magazine has an interesting article pointing out that disobeying an order is actually only one of his problems.

Wanta Nutiness Now Even Nuttier

In our latest update, it is appears Chris Story is getting even more bizarre. Now British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and others, are at risk of being arrested by the ICJ.

Twelve of the 22 operatives facing ICJ warrants are senior US public officials. Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. have informed the Principals that these officials are unconcerned about the ICJ warrants, even though they are now strengthened with jurisdiction within the United States – because they believe that President Bush Jr. will pardon them at the end of his term.

But this consideration does not apply to the Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, and to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor herself – both of whom are now vulnerable to arrest for conspiracy to commit financial crimes in the Wanta Settlement context. This means that the crisis has split the West and that three Western Great Powers are now at each others’ throats, while Robert Gates [see below] is warning Congress to prepare for war with Russia and China.

As I mentioned before, the ICJ merely handles civil disputes between nations, and not criminal cases, so it doesn't even have arrest powers, nevermind trying to arrest a head of state.

Even stranger, 2 members of the US Supreme Court are involved:

03 February: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. inform the two Principals that former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor and current US Supreme Court Justice Bader-Ginsburg are in Frankfurt, Germany, where they are engaged in monitoring and perfecting the international legal arrangements for the Wanta settlement. The same sources advise that a third US Supreme Court Justice is monitoring developments in the United States. As indicated above, the US Supreme Court Justices have explicitly extended US jurisdiction to the warrants issued by the ‘ad hoc’ Tribunal of three Judges implementing the orders of the International Court of Justice.

Hey, everyone knows, if you get any two justices of the Supreme Court together, they can do anything!

Story repeats his claim that the Federal Reserve is on the brink of being dismantled.

03 February: H.R. 2778 is to be approved by the US House of Representatives on
Monday the 5th February, when it will thus be ready to be signed. Under this Bill, the entire Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is to be discharged, the Federal Reserve is to be abolished as a legislated authority empowered to issue currency on behalf of the US Treasury, and all Federal Reserve Banks and offices in the United States and around the world are to be closed. This will have the consequence that the US Treasury will again perform the functions of the United States’ Central Bank, reverting to the situation prior to the 1951 accord between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, which has hidden derivatives liabilities estimated at around $1,100 trillion. That explains why it is to be closed down.

With respect to this story, one of the posters at the JREF forum has done some good research. It is all pretty silly.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The End Game

Christopher story has to continually come up with stranger and stranger excuses to explain why Leo Wanta has not received the mythical $4.5 trillion due to him. Now apparently there has been a near coup in the US government:

Specifically, on Thursday 1st February, Cheney corruptly negated the authority of US Treasury compliance staff, preventing them from activating the prearranged banking codes and remitting the $4.5 trillion at last to the ambassador’s securities account.


In so doing, he countermanded the signed bank instructions of the President of the United States himself, representing an act of treason which probably has no historical precedent. This arrogant man appears to be running rings round President Bush Jr., who may or may not realise that Cheney, like Paulson, has been thumbing his nose at the White House for his own personal gain.

Prior to the arrest of US Treasury Secretary Paulson, we predicted that his rrogance would lead to a dramatic fall: and this duly happened. We now predict that Vice President Richard Cheney is heading for an even more humiliating stumble, and, having delayed his resignation, may find that his official colleagues turn sharply against him.

Dramatic fall? Paulson is doing fine, although he did get grilled in front of the Senate this week over China's currency policy.

Story now involves the Bank of England:

Investigators informed us at 3.00 am UK time on Friday 2nd February that enormously large dollar movements out of the United States to a ‘back room’ operation at the Bank of England, which functions round the clock, have been monitored. The Bank of England office is issuing short-term loans with interest rates starting at 25%, the informed New York financial sources tell us. These loans represent bridge (or ‘gap’) loans to large businesses.

Wow, 25% is higher than my credit card. Maybe they can a loan from or something?

Even more bizarrely:

The US House of Representatives has a Bill to abolish the Federal Reserve (see previous postings) which had been expected to be approved on 1st February. The House appears to have refrained from voting on this Resolution, raising suspicions of collusion with the Cheney-directed (OMEGA OPS) conspirators, to enable further fiat money to be generated from Wanta’s funds pending the Fed's abolition – following which the Treasury will assume central banking functions.The House Bill [HR. 2778] contains a schedule for phasing out the Federal Reserve, details of which, like the Bill itself, have not yet been disclosed.

Somehow this was left out of my issue of the Wall Street Journal.