Monday, January 22, 2007

Backwards Logic

I wasn't sure if I was going to post on this, mostly since this guy is getting repetitive, but a reader pointed out how humorous it was. So here it is, another interesting use of logic, from Christopher Story:

And isn’t it amazing that some critics seem unable to comprehend the reality that sensitive information such as we have published cannot possibly be posted unless it is true? Surely, a higher Degree in Logic and Philosophy is not necessary in order for the stark simplicity of this fact to be understood, even by those who remain confused?

This isn't even the first time that he has used this warped logic, from a previous post.

Intelligence on this subject which diverges in any way from what is posted on is by definition unreliable and cannot be trusted. It should be checked against our postings for veracity. Detailed information is available in International Currency Review [see website for further details].

So remember, anything he prints must be true, anything which contradicts it must be false, because.... well it just does.

Hilariously he also claims in this post:

The fact that the ‘mainstream media’ has to a large extent irresponsibly stuck its collective head in the sand, has been irrelevant for months. Our last posting was reproduced at least 20 million times within 24 hours, and our website hit rate has gone through the roof. As one correspondent has noted [see TREASONGATE UPDATE: OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT, 17th January 2007], isn’t it interesting how those who protest most loudly at the deceitful silence of the ‘mainstream media’, seek the ‘mainstream media’s' confirmation of what we have published?

That is odd, because a google search for the title of that posting "TREASONGATE UPDATE: OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT", returns a grand total of 5 hits, 1 of which is Story's own site. The last I checked that was well short of 20 million. I guess his demonstrated math skills explains the whole $70 trillion thing...