Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Secretary Paulson Shows Up!

Just minutes after my last post, I discovered this.

That is Paulson standing next to Condoleeza Rice at the funeral of President Ford.

Of course, as predicted, Story tries to spin this:

2nd January 2007: Henry M. Paulson appeared late at the National Cathedral service for the late President Ford, and took a seat behind Nancy Reagan and next to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. US and British sources inform us that Paulson was exfiltrated from Europe on a British plane. We are expecting to receive spectacular REconfirmation of the arrest and indictment of the US Secretary of the Treasury shortly.

In the meantime, those Americans who, deceived for years by their intelligence community, cannot accept that we publish only what has been carefully verified, and who believe that we are another intelligence disinformation site, will have to back off and face up to the realities of the situation. If correctly handled, the developments are going to be hugely beneficial for the United States and for the Rest of the World. If malevolently handled, there will be a hyperinflation in the United States, soup kitchens, and a global depression. Stay tuned...

I am not sure why we can't afford our own planes...