Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Christopher Story Fan Club

Chris Story, who still hasn't served me with that libel suit, is no longer even trying to pretend he has any evidence, and is trying to backup his story by posting admiring letters to himself, or as he terms them "testimonials on Leo Wanta's courage". I am not sure what they are supposed to testify to, what is the merit of swearing to the validity of something which you have no actual knowledge of? Outside of the Wisconsin law enforcement community, you would be hardpressed to find someone who could even pick him out of a lineup.

The praise heaped upon Story is only exceeded by the adulations upon Wanta himself, who apparently, much to dismay of Greg Szymanski is on the verge of being beatified by Benedict XVI (OK, that part was sarcasm).

A number of attempts were made to murder the Ambassador, starting with the poisoned cheese in the Swiss dungeon, and followed by assaults in the various jails he was sent to in the US GULAG, plus no less than four attempts to have him certified insane. Throughout this ordeal, Leo Wanta displayed courage and fortitude, as well as a simple faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which has no parallel in the personal experience of the Editor, and will astonish everyone when the full story is told. Therefore, when reading the Leo Wanta-related testimonials below, please transfer the kind remarks made about the Editor, to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, the greatest and most brilliantly distinguished American patriot of our time.

He even inserts the following as commentary into one of the letters:

[Comment: No, that accolade is reserved exclusively for the greatest God-fearing American patriot of our time, a man who has suffered without a cause at the hands of these criminals, who are now scared stiff and on the run. That accolade cannot be shared by anyone else! CS].

I think he is on the verge of having to follow every mention of Wanta with some blessing, much like devout Muslims say "Peace be upon him" after every mention of the Prophet Mohammed.

My favorite testimonial would have to be:

"You are to be applauded for your seamless righteousness in the face of clamorous Internet attacks against you. Numerous so-called 'patriotic' organizations exist today in the United States and throughout the world. Only a few of these organizations have been willing to report your story... The paid-for 'mainstream' media is useless. Individuals throughout the world credit your intelligence... which you have so kindly put where all can see".

– Claudia Treacey, 14 January 2007, Indianapolis, USA

Now considering that I am the only one who has been writing about this at length, I guess that would make me "clamorous". Wow, I didn't know I was so important. I wonder if I can put that on my resume?