Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More On the International Court of Justice

Despite Christopher Story's paranoid rantings to the contrary, I am not a "useful idiot", and I am not on some type of mission to defame him and defend the powered elite. My opinions and writings are those solely of myself. I found this an interesting topic to write about, I have an academic background which allows me to make an informed opinion regarding it, and I have chosen to research and posts my findings.

It is not my fault that my findings do not support this story. If any of my research has been faulty, please let me know. The fact that my postings have received a fair amount of attention, apparently by Mr. Story himself, and not one person has challenged a single fact, indicates that my research has been correct. The more research I do, the more confident I am in my conclusions.

Now here is one more example, I mentioned previously that the International Court of Justice does not handle cases of this type. Well it turns out that not only is this true, but they list the cases they do handle. Nothing involving this case is listed.

Now aside from the angry opinions of Mr. Story, can anyone find a single item backing up this wild Wanta tale? If you can, please let me know.