Monday, May 22, 2006

Stolen Valor the Iraqi Years: Part III

I have posted on fakers claiming to be in the military before, here and here. This guy takes the cake. He claims to have served with the Rangers in Iraq, and to have committed attrocities, but he doesn't even make an effort to look remotely like a real soldier.

He claims to have served with the 3-75th Ranger Regiment, but is wearing a combat patch for the Special Forces.

Here is what I guess is supposed to be an official photo. But there are several things wrong with it. He is wearing a Ranger beret, sloppily, but that flash does not belong to a Ranger unit, that is the flash for the 1st Special Forces Group. The moustache is not regulation, that is the wrong color t-shirt. And those sleeves, he is not a jarhead! Brainster has the video, and links to more.

Update: This loon is from Tacoma, which explains the 1st Group flash. 1st Group is located at Ft. Lewis, so he probably just picked it up at a local surplus store and foolishly sewed it on a Ranger beret.

Update 2: Doh! And the most obvious thing I missed, unless they reversed the negative. His beret is backwards, it should be pulled to the right! And where is his nametag?