Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Bogus Anti-War Stories

I saw this joker on the news tonight. He is now trying to claim political asylum in Canada by telling lurid stories of atrocities, none of which can be confirmed of course. I found this tale that he told earlier especially ridiculous.

His specialty was home raids because "I was good at it." He admitted it was an adrenalin rush at first.

"You put three pounds of C4 on the front door, blow it up, and then five or six guys run in and you clear every room."

Now I am no explosives expert, but that seems like a bit much. I would doubt you would have much of a house left after that. Regardless, I can read an FM, so a quick search of the Internet turned up FM 3-06.11 COMBINED ARMS OPERATIONS IN URBAN TERRAIN

If you scroll down to the section on breaching doors you get the following, in bold type no less:

Net explosive weight should not exceed 8 ounces for a complete charge.