Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, I am Glad I Don't Go To Seattle U

I have been covering the 9/11 conspiracy theory moonbats a lot lately. In fact my other blog is getting about 100 times the readership of this humble blog, but I was still surprised to see this idiocy is spreading to the Seattle PI, from a Seattle University adjunct professor of philosophy, which is barely a professor even by philosophy standards.

First, who were the hijackers? We do not know. None of those named appear on any of the passenger lists released by the airlines. Most important, six of the men named by the government are still alive and have never even been to the United States. We know that because European media (as reported by The Associated Press, the London Telegraph and the BBC) have interviewed them. It is not a matter of mistaken identity not being noticed or someone using a false passport. The commission insists that the people they named were the hijackers but that claim is demonstrably false.

The first claim is idiotic. It was started when CNN published a list of "victims". After several generations of Internet legend, that suddenly became the definitive list of "passengers". As for the claim that these hijackers are still alive, shortly after 9/11, when the FBI released the list of hijackers, every Arab man in the Middle East claimed he had been wronged. Big surprise, since they published the photos of the hijackers, not a single person has come forward claiming to be one of the hijackers.