Monday, April 10, 2006

Crazed Right Winger Writes On Illegal Immigration

From the Spokesman Review:

Rights reserved for citizens

Re: the cover of Monday's Spokesman. The lead stated "Rallying for rights." Is this mob of illegal aliens demanding the rights of U.S. citizens? The ones guaranteed the legal, law- abiding citizens of the U.S.?

How about the kid with the sign with "Viva La Raza" on it. Most folks in Spokane don't know that is a Mexican organization dedicated to taking California back. Now, that sounds pretty traitorous to me for someone demanding our rights. Their slogan is "For those within 'the race,' everything; for those outside 'the race,' nothing." Would you be so supportive if the sign was KKK or White Power?

The legal Mexican residents of Arizona have been working for low wages and paying taxes for years. Illegal aliens will work for $4-5 an hour, no questions asked, and suddenly there are no minimum wage jobs to be had for legal American citizens.

Wake up Spokane! What will happen when we get 20-30 percent of the workforce willing to work for $4 an hour? Before someone accuses me of Hispanic bashing, I should tell you my mother's maiden name was Trujillo and I learned to speak Spanish before I learned English.

Jim Bennett