Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bellevue Community College Racist Math

I usually scoff at accusations of racism in math on the SAT and such, but in this case as reported by Michelle Malkin, they have a point. BCC sadly enough is right down the street from me, although with the exception of going to a car show once, I have never been there.

Condoleezza holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300 -foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second. The height of the watermelon above the ground t seconds later is given by formula h= -16t2 + 20t + 300

a. How many seconds will it pass her (she's standing at a height of 300 feet) on the way down?

b. When will the watermelon hit ground?

The saddest part of this is not just the racism, it is the fact that when I had to learn this, it was my junior year of high school.