Monday, March 13, 2006

Wesley Clark Indulges In a Little Revisionist History

Former NATO commander and Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark weighs in on the death of Slobodan Milosevic in today's WSJ:

It was another strategic miscalculation by Milosevic. NATO followed through in its threats, unleashing a 78-day, gradually intensifying air campaign and threatened ground intervention. Coupled with Russian diplomatic assistance and his indictment for war crimes, Milosevic was forced to pull his forces out of Kosovo.

I am not exactly sure how his indictment for war crimes contributed to pulling his forces out of Kosovo, but if you say so Wes...

But what is this "threatened ground intervention"? There wasn't a whole lot of threatening going on. In fact for most of the war Clinton went out of his way to make it clear he wouldn't use ground troops. It was only towards the end that NATO started to make vague comments about the use of troops in a "semipermissive environment". Now all of a sudden that is bold leadership.