Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They Have It a Little Backwards

It is the end of free speech at yet another American University, this time NYU. As reported by LGF a Muslim student group is protesting to keep an Objectivist group (Hey, I am on an Ayn Rand kick) from displaying the infamous Mohammed cartoons. LGF posted this ridiculous letter from the Muslim group, which I have excerpted here:

Tomorrow the Objectivist Club is sponsoring an event that will display a series of cartoons recently published in a Danish newspaper. These cartoons depict the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islam in a highly offensive manner. These same cartoons unfortunately have lead to riots, protests, beatings, and deaths all around the world. We are asking all students to stand in solidarity with us as we seek to protest hatred and discrimination on OUR CAMPUS. On Wednesday we will be meeting at Kimmel at 5:30 PM in protest of the University’s decision to allow the cartoons to be displayed. Remember that this same type of manifestation of hatred has lead to the murder of many innocent people. We can look as far back as the 1930’s in the years prior to the Holocaust when Nazi Germany circulated hate-filled images of our Jewish brothers and sisters throughout society. Contemporary situations such as Rwanda have also caused bloody genocides. It is necessary for all of us to stand together and speak out against this, as hatred does not discriminate against any color, race, creed, or religion; all it does is hate.

They are leaving out a really big point, the cartoons didn't incite people to riot and attack Muslims, it was Muslims who were rioting. If the Nazis running hateful cartoons of Jews had caused the Jews to commit genocide against the Nazis, then he would have a point. Quite obviously it happened the other way around.