Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Euphemism O' The Day

From a WSJ article on the riots in France:

Taking shelter under a shop awning during a heavy downpour, a couple of French pensioners dressed in red jackets and wearing red stickers of the French Communist Party said they joined the march to protect the future of their 10 grandchildren.

Jacques Heller, 70, said he had some issues with the brutality of the old Soviet Union but also reminisced about the days when communism still "offered hope." His three children, he said, were not communists. Mr. Heller said he's not optimistic about his party ever winning power. Nonetheless, said his wife, Michelle, 68, a retired hospital worker, "we can't give up."

He had "some issues". Twenty million people died under Soviet communism and the most he could say was that he had issues. Gee, I wonder how many people they would have to murder to make him "slightly concerned"?