Friday, August 12, 2005

Where is a Cop When You Need One?

At the local strip club apparently. The Seattle PI reports on the police finally paying attention to rampant car theft, up 61,5% over the last 8 years. So where have our men in blue been keeping busy? Well in the dangerous and ardous business of undercover investigation, getting lapdances at taxpayer's expense.

Seattle officials publicly have said the clubs bring vice problems to the neighborhoods. In statements filed with the finance committee, several Seattle police detectives cited anecdotal evidence of dancers overstepping legal restrictions on performances.

One officer, identified as B. James, paid for lap dances apparently as part of an investigation. He wrote: "The dancers most often begin by straddling me from the front and placing their genitals over my genitals and grinding back and forth.

"They also grab and caress their breasts while they are exposed."

Oh the horror of those poor brave men having to be exposed to strippers caressing their breasts. They probably have nightmares from the experience. Maybe they can get treatment, even a disability pension for PTSD.

And no, that officer mentioned as B. James, has nothing to do with your humble blogger, James B.