Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Brad DeLong is the Most Dishonest Man Alive

Don "The stupidest man alive" Luskin and Brad "Jabba the economist" DeLong are exchanging insults. I have posted a couple of times before how I made some comments on DeLong's site arguing against his response to a debate I started, which were then edited, deleted, and eventually resulted in my total banishment from his site for the sin of contradicting him. The thing I found most amazing reading the comments on this thread, is that he edits out comments that contradict him, even from posters who largely agree with him. All dissidence must be stopped!

"However, your second point is tricky. Selling off assets makes us poorer in the future relative to what we would otherwise be...

[Exactly. That's what the Post asserts. That's what Luskin denies. Stop there.]"

I just read Luskin's article, and I don't see where he denies it. He denies that it makes us poorer overall, and (as I noted in the part that you cut out of my previous post) he could be right depending on what discount rate you apply.

However, having read his article, I see he also fails to recognize that currency held abroad is a form of debt, so perhaps he is as stupid as you say.

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knzn August 7, 2005 11:48 PM