Monday, August 29, 2005

Anyone got $50,000 I can borrow?

Today is higher education day at the Chief Brief. I am starting grad school in 3 weeks, and am quite shocked by the price of text books. What a scam. In my case easily over $500 a quarter. I saw this article on Poor and Stupid and Marginal Revolution on Kruggy's textbook. All I can say is I am glad I don't have to use it. My faith in academia is restored, at least temporarily. Here is a choice quote.

Sanderson said that the major topics of microeconomics are pretty well agreed upon, and that you probably can’t go too wrong with many textbooks. In this case, though, he said he found Hubbard’s real-world examples to be well-written, and engaging. Still, though Hubbard has “a shorter paper trail” than Krugman, Sanderson is not sure he can be objective enough. One thing is for sure: not everyone is as enthralled with all of Krugman’s writing as Cassing. “[Krugman] writes great economics,” Sanderson said, “but when he writes politics he’s just bad.”