Monday, July 11, 2005


Way too much fun stuff to cover today. Don Luskin has a great takedown of Krugman's latest column. Apparently he is over his health kick and back to lying about the Bush taxcuts. Robert Musil has a great idea of who should replace him at the NY Times. We can only hope. I noticed this referenced in a Weekly Standard article. From the good professor on 21 February 2003:

Meanwhile, outraged Iraqi exiles report that there won't be any equivalent of postwar de-Nazification, in which accomplices of the defeated regime were purged from public life. Instead the Bush administration intends to preserve most of the current regime: Saddam Hussein and a few top officials will be replaced with Americans, but the rest will stay. You don't have to be an Iraq expert to realize that many very nasty people will therefore remain in power — more moral clarity! — and that the U.S. will in effect take responsibility for maintaining the rule of the Sunni minority over the Shiite majority.

Of course only a year later when the administration had carried out their "de-Nazification" Krugman criticizes them for doing that very thing!

And this problem was compounded by a chain of blunders: doing nothing to stop the postwar looting, disbanding the Iraqi Army, canceling local elections, appointing an interim council dominated by exiles with no political base and excluding important domestic groups.

I guess you can have it both ways.