Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's All Relative

An addendum to my previous post on the Joel Connelly editorial in which, among other things, he claims:

Wilson is a political independent: He gave to both the Bush and Gore campaigns in 2000 and is an admirer of George Bush Sr.

Implying somehow that if you donate money to more than one party, or admire a figure from another party that somehow makes you independent. This got me thinking about another prominent figure who has donated money to more than one campaign, former Enron executive Ken Lay, who donated significant sums of money to both George W. Bush and Ann Richards in 1994. Based on this logic then I should be able to find a Joel Connelly editorial praising the independence of Ken Lay, who unlike Joe Wilson has never made any overt political moves.

No such luck. Just rants about how Bush and Ken Lay are in bed together. How can that be? Lay gave money to more than one campaign!

That's relativity.