Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Tim...

While we undergo the biggest financial crisis in 70 years, the Obama administration has enough time to plan attacks against Rush Limbaugh and revamp our social systems for the next 2 decades, but they can't seem to appoint anyone to the Department of the Treasury to actually do anything. Here is a list of the appointed positions there:

Deputy Secretary
Under Secretary — Domestic Finance
Under Secretary — International Affairs
Under Secretary — Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
Assistant Secretary — Economic Policy
Assistant Secretary — Financial Markets
Assistant Secretary (Deputy Under Secretary) — International Affairs
Assistant Secretary (Deputy Under Secretary) — Legislative Affairs
Assistant Secretary — Management and Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Secretary — Public Affairs/Director — Policy Planning
Assistant Secretary — Tax Policy
Chief Counsel — Internal Revenue Service/Assistant General Counsel for Tax
Commissioner — Internal Revenue (five-year terms of office)
General Counsel
Inspector General
Inspector General — Tax Administration
Treasurer — United States

Of all those positions, only Secretary Geithner, the guy who can't figure out Turbo Tax, has actually been appointed. Come on, it is not like there aren't any unemployed finance people out there. Hell, I would consider a couple of those positions, if you made the right offer...

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Lonnie Bruner said...

Geithner comes across as very young and is not articulate. Perhaps he's one of those guys that's got some real good plans up his sleeve but freezes up in front of media. I hear SNL parodied him lately and it was pretty rough.

As for the tax stuff, Tom Friedman had a good point:

"I read that we’re actually holding up dozens of key appointments at the Treasury Department because we are worried whether someone paid Social Security taxes on a nanny hired 20 years ago at $5 an hour. That’s insane. It’s as if our financial house is burning down but we won’t let the Fire Department open the hydrant until it assures us that there isn’t too much chlorine in the water."