Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wanta Nuttiness Reaches Fever Pitch

It is rather amusing how Christopher Story writes these dramatic articles regarding how the Wanta saga has the world economic interests on the edge of their seat, but then the story gets absolutely no interest outside of the shadowy regions of the Internet, and people like me who just like laughing at them. In fact Story even claims that the "Greenspan arrest" was intended as a distraction:

We stand by what we have posted on the jailing of Dr Alan Greenspan, but we are not yet further informed as to what has happened to him since that event. What we have now been told is that the jailing of Dr Greenspan has been exploited by Cheney-controlled MK-ULTRA-style disinformation specialists as a diversionary ploy to get people running around crazily looking for the wrong fox.

Uhh, but just who is paying attention? Look at a google search for "Alan Greenspan Arrested". Story is getting so few people interested in his article that his World Reports website isn't even on the first page. And in fact the number one hit is... me. No wonder he wanted to sue me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greenspan Escapes

When last we reported, Christopher Story had been discussing the arrest "without bail" of former Fed chief (no relation to yours truly) Alan Greenspan as part of the affair de Wanta. Now Story continues to update this inanity.

UPDATE: 27 June 2007: The Editor has now received written confirmation that TWO Group of Eight intelligence sources have CONFIRMED the previously reported incarceration of Dr Greenspan. The original sources of this information were Gold Badges who are in contact with the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. By definition, Gold Badge information cannot be elaborated upon. Be it known, therefore, that the Editor holds TWO written statements concerning the accuracy of our report on the jailing of Dr Greenspan being confirmed by these TWO SEPARATE G-8 intelligence agencies. The second intelligence source confirmation was received by the Editor this morning. We cannot elaborate any further BECAUSE WE HAVE REPORTED ALL THAT WE KNOW.

Well of course, everyone knows Gold Badge information cannot be elaborated upon. How could you even suggest something so silly? Of course the source of this information was Sir Leo Wanta and Michael Cottrell M.S. (as an aside, I now insist that everyone must refer to me in print as James Bennett M.B.A).

One thing I missed before though. Story insists that Greenspan was arrested the week of June 15th "without bail", but before posting that he failed to notice that he made a public speech the following week. He must be using Paris Hilton's lawyer...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Alan Greenspan Arrested

It wasn't enough to just have Hank Paulson arrested (odd he keeps showing up in public) now Christopher Story is claiming that Alan Greenspan was arrested because of his involvement in the Sir Leo Wanta affair.


During the week ending 15th June 2007, ‘unspecified very senior officials’ in the United States were arrested and jailed without bail, in connection with corrupt financial operations exploiting the financial assets belonging to Ambassador Sir Leo Emil Wanta (1) as sole Principal.

The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Alan Greenspan, who was in office when these illegal and corrupt financial scandals to the severe detriment of the American people, the US Treasury and the Ambassador were embarked upon, is among those in jail, and has likewise been refused bail. This is only the beginning of the belated sensational consequences of Wantagate.

Odd, anytime Greenspan sneezes the Dow drops 50 points, but somehow the Wall Street Journal and Reuters have missed this.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Whatever you Do, Don't Hire American

Now anyone who has read this blog will know I am as free trade as they come. I spent last quarter working on a major white paper on the practise of offshoring, but this is downright offensive. It is one thing to use globalization to gain access to cheap talented labor, it is another thing to lie and manipulate in order to get there. These people seriously need to take a business ethics class.

H/T Hot Air

Thursday, June 14, 2007

One Poor Trillionaire

I mentioned earlier how trillionaire spook Leo Wanta owed $110 in fees and penalties to the Commonwealth of Virginia for his AmeriTrust Groupe corporation. Well, it is even worse than that. I searched the Virginia State Corporation Commission, which allows you to easily search corporate records, and it appears that his corporate reinstatement paperwork was rejected because, get this, his check was returned.

Maybe he needs a better accountant than Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. ?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wanta Wackiness Update

After becoming the go-to source on the Internet for all things Wanta, I haven't posted much on him lately, mostly because nothing has been happening (surprise, he still hasn't received his $4.7 trillion) but also because I have just become bored of the story.

You have to give Chris Story credit for being persistant though, he keeps trying to come up with creative new ways of running this story, despite no possibility of success. Now he is listing just about every banking executive in the world in connection with this "scandal":

The following is a list of Directors of financial institutions, elected and appointed US and UK officials, Commissioners and others, who may have variously allowed, condoned, accommodated, or whose institutions may have actively participated in, and may continue to participate in, criminal and illegal fiat money financial transactions exploiting the $4.5 trillion compromise financial Settlement agreed for Ambassador Wanta in May and June 2006 and/or circumstances arising therefrom. Typically, this Settlement was negotiated by the duplicitous US intelligence crooks concerned, in bad faith; but the agreement is binding on all parties and has to be implemented. At the very least, each individual listed here may be an Accessory to the Fact of some or all of the felonies under US law listed in Part 3 of this presentation. Many may have been or may be co-conspirators.

I am still waiting for him to serve me with that libel suit he threatened me with. Not like I have ever backed off of my assertion that he is a nutjob.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Brief History of Economic Time

I am a few days behind on this, but this excellent editorial in the WSJ by Steven Landsburg deserves to be pointed out. Landsburg, who wrote my college micro textbook, is one of the best popular economists out there, although Levitt gets more press. A choice excerpt:

Modern humans first emerged about 100,000 years ago. For the next 99,800 years or so, nothing happened. Well, not quite nothing. There were wars, political intrigue, the invention of agriculture -- but none of that stuff had much effect on the quality of people's lives. Almost everyone lived on the modern equivalent of $400 to $600 a year, just above the subsistence level. True, there were always tiny aristocracies who lived far better, but numerically they were quite insignificant.

Then -- just a couple of hundred years ago, maybe 10 generations -- people started getting richer. And richer and richer still. Per capita income, at least in the West, began to grow at the unprecedented rate of about three quarters of a percent per year. A couple of decades later, the same thing was happening around the world.

Then it got even better. By the 20th century, per capita real incomes, that is, incomes adjusted for inflation, were growing at 1.5% per year, on average, and for the past half century they've been growing at about 2.3%. If you're earning a modest middle-class income of $50,000 a year, and if you expect your children, 25 years from now, to occupy that same modest rung on the economic ladder, then with a 2.3% growth rate, they'll be earning the inflation-adjusted equivalent of $89,000 a year. Their children, another 25 years down the line, will earn $158,000 a year.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Jesse Convicted

It couldn't have happened to a nicer fraud.

Jesse MacBeth stoked opposition to the Iraq war in 2006 when he spoke out about atrocities he committed as a U.S. Army Ranger serving as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

MacBeth, 23, of Tacoma, claimed to have killed more than 200 people, many at close range, some as they prayed in a mosque. He spoke at an anti-war rally in Tacoma and appeared in a 20-minute anti-war video that circulated widely on the Internet.

Trouble is, none of MacBeth's claims was true. He made it through only six weeks of Army basic training, was never a Ranger and never set foot in Iraq.

Conservative bloggers exposed MacBeth's lies in May 2006, destroying his credibility and embarrassing the Seattle company that produced the video about his exploits.

Dealey Plaza

I made a recent trip to Dallas as part of a school project. The host company took us on a short tour of the city, which included a stop at the 6th Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza. I wasn't too excited about going, but it is actually quite interesting to see it in person.

The Texas Schoolbook Depository

The "Grassy Knoll"
And yes, Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.