Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wanta Nuttiness Reaches Fever Pitch

It is rather amusing how Christopher Story writes these dramatic articles regarding how the Wanta saga has the world economic interests on the edge of their seat, but then the story gets absolutely no interest outside of the shadowy regions of the Internet, and people like me who just like laughing at them. In fact Story even claims that the "Greenspan arrest" was intended as a distraction:

We stand by what we have posted on the jailing of Dr Alan Greenspan, but we are not yet further informed as to what has happened to him since that event. What we have now been told is that the jailing of Dr Greenspan has been exploited by Cheney-controlled MK-ULTRA-style disinformation specialists as a diversionary ploy to get people running around crazily looking for the wrong fox.

Uhh, but just who is paying attention? Look at a google search for "Alan Greenspan Arrested". Story is getting so few people interested in his article that his World Reports website isn't even on the first page. And in fact the number one hit is... me. No wonder he wanted to sue me.