Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wanta Wackiness Update

After becoming the go-to source on the Internet for all things Wanta, I haven't posted much on him lately, mostly because nothing has been happening (surprise, he still hasn't received his $4.7 trillion) but also because I have just become bored of the story.

You have to give Chris Story credit for being persistant though, he keeps trying to come up with creative new ways of running this story, despite no possibility of success. Now he is listing just about every banking executive in the world in connection with this "scandal":

The following is a list of Directors of financial institutions, elected and appointed US and UK officials, Commissioners and others, who may have variously allowed, condoned, accommodated, or whose institutions may have actively participated in, and may continue to participate in, criminal and illegal fiat money financial transactions exploiting the $4.5 trillion compromise financial Settlement agreed for Ambassador Wanta in May and June 2006 and/or circumstances arising therefrom. Typically, this Settlement was negotiated by the duplicitous US intelligence crooks concerned, in bad faith; but the agreement is binding on all parties and has to be implemented. At the very least, each individual listed here may be an Accessory to the Fact of some or all of the felonies under US law listed in Part 3 of this presentation. Many may have been or may be co-conspirators.

I am still waiting for him to serve me with that libel suit he threatened me with. Not like I have ever backed off of my assertion that he is a nutjob.