Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greenspan Escapes

When last we reported, Christopher Story had been discussing the arrest "without bail" of former Fed chief (no relation to yours truly) Alan Greenspan as part of the affair de Wanta. Now Story continues to update this inanity.

UPDATE: 27 June 2007: The Editor has now received written confirmation that TWO Group of Eight intelligence sources have CONFIRMED the previously reported incarceration of Dr Greenspan. The original sources of this information were Gold Badges who are in contact with the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. By definition, Gold Badge information cannot be elaborated upon. Be it known, therefore, that the Editor holds TWO written statements concerning the accuracy of our report on the jailing of Dr Greenspan being confirmed by these TWO SEPARATE G-8 intelligence agencies. The second intelligence source confirmation was received by the Editor this morning. We cannot elaborate any further BECAUSE WE HAVE REPORTED ALL THAT WE KNOW.

Well of course, everyone knows Gold Badge information cannot be elaborated upon. How could you even suggest something so silly? Of course the source of this information was Sir Leo Wanta and Michael Cottrell M.S. (as an aside, I now insist that everyone must refer to me in print as James Bennett M.B.A).

One thing I missed before though. Story insists that Greenspan was arrested the week of June 15th "without bail", but before posting that he failed to notice that he made a public speech the following week. He must be using Paris Hilton's lawyer...