Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wanta Nutiness Now Even Nuttier

In our latest update, it is appears Chris Story is getting even more bizarre. Now British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and others, are at risk of being arrested by the ICJ.

Twelve of the 22 operatives facing ICJ warrants are senior US public officials. Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. have informed the Principals that these officials are unconcerned about the ICJ warrants, even though they are now strengthened with jurisdiction within the United States – because they believe that President Bush Jr. will pardon them at the end of his term.

But this consideration does not apply to the Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, and to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor herself – both of whom are now vulnerable to arrest for conspiracy to commit financial crimes in the Wanta Settlement context. This means that the crisis has split the West and that three Western Great Powers are now at each others’ throats, while Robert Gates [see below] is warning Congress to prepare for war with Russia and China.

As I mentioned before, the ICJ merely handles civil disputes between nations, and not criminal cases, so it doesn't even have arrest powers, nevermind trying to arrest a head of state.

Even stranger, 2 members of the US Supreme Court are involved:

03 February: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. inform the two Principals that former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor and current US Supreme Court Justice Bader-Ginsburg are in Frankfurt, Germany, where they are engaged in monitoring and perfecting the international legal arrangements for the Wanta settlement. The same sources advise that a third US Supreme Court Justice is monitoring developments in the United States. As indicated above, the US Supreme Court Justices have explicitly extended US jurisdiction to the warrants issued by the ‘ad hoc’ Tribunal of three Judges implementing the orders of the International Court of Justice.

Hey, everyone knows, if you get any two justices of the Supreme Court together, they can do anything!

Story repeats his claim that the Federal Reserve is on the brink of being dismantled.

03 February: H.R. 2778 is to be approved by the US House of Representatives on
Monday the 5th February, when it will thus be ready to be signed. Under this Bill, the entire Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is to be discharged, the Federal Reserve is to be abolished as a legislated authority empowered to issue currency on behalf of the US Treasury, and all Federal Reserve Banks and offices in the United States and around the world are to be closed. This will have the consequence that the US Treasury will again perform the functions of the United States’ Central Bank, reverting to the situation prior to the 1951 accord between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, which has hidden derivatives liabilities estimated at around $1,100 trillion. That explains why it is to be closed down.

With respect to this story, one of the posters at the JREF forum has done some good research. It is all pretty silly.