Friday, February 02, 2007

The End Game

Christopher story has to continually come up with stranger and stranger excuses to explain why Leo Wanta has not received the mythical $4.5 trillion due to him. Now apparently there has been a near coup in the US government:

Specifically, on Thursday 1st February, Cheney corruptly negated the authority of US Treasury compliance staff, preventing them from activating the prearranged banking codes and remitting the $4.5 trillion at last to the ambassador’s securities account.


In so doing, he countermanded the signed bank instructions of the President of the United States himself, representing an act of treason which probably has no historical precedent. This arrogant man appears to be running rings round President Bush Jr., who may or may not realise that Cheney, like Paulson, has been thumbing his nose at the White House for his own personal gain.

Prior to the arrest of US Treasury Secretary Paulson, we predicted that his rrogance would lead to a dramatic fall: and this duly happened. We now predict that Vice President Richard Cheney is heading for an even more humiliating stumble, and, having delayed his resignation, may find that his official colleagues turn sharply against him.

Dramatic fall? Paulson is doing fine, although he did get grilled in front of the Senate this week over China's currency policy.

Story now involves the Bank of England:

Investigators informed us at 3.00 am UK time on Friday 2nd February that enormously large dollar movements out of the United States to a ‘back room’ operation at the Bank of England, which functions round the clock, have been monitored. The Bank of England office is issuing short-term loans with interest rates starting at 25%, the informed New York financial sources tell us. These loans represent bridge (or ‘gap’) loans to large businesses.

Wow, 25% is higher than my credit card. Maybe they can a loan from or something?

Even more bizarrely:

The US House of Representatives has a Bill to abolish the Federal Reserve (see previous postings) which had been expected to be approved on 1st February. The House appears to have refrained from voting on this Resolution, raising suspicions of collusion with the Cheney-directed (OMEGA OPS) conspirators, to enable further fiat money to be generated from Wanta’s funds pending the Fed's abolition – following which the Treasury will assume central banking functions.The House Bill [HR. 2778] contains a schedule for phasing out the Federal Reserve, details of which, like the Bill itself, have not yet been disclosed.

Somehow this was left out of my issue of the Wall Street Journal.