Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Ref Changes Controversial Call

PITTSBURGH ChiefBrief News Service - February 6th, 2006

Head Super Bowl ref Bill Leavy announced that he was changing the controversial call where he flagged Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for an illegal block for tackling a Pittsburgh defensive back who had intercepted his pass. Leavy announced that he had found out that illegal block penalties are normally called "when you actually throw a block", and furthermore this action "is normally done when your team has the ball". Leavy discovered what he referred to as "this subtlety in the rule" when his 13 year old son repeatedly demonstrated this on the family's Playstation 2. "The game was Mad something or other" Leavy added.

Leavy's son, who refused to give his name, and at first angrily insisted that he was not in any way related to the elder Leavy, and was in fact an exchange student from Sweden, said that he was going into the Federal Witness Protection Program for fear of "getting the crap beaten out of me at lunch", adding that his "lesbian gym teacher knows more about NFL officiating than my dad does."

Leavy defended himself by saying that he still feels a penalty should have been called on that play, feeling that either an "Infield fly rule or double-dribble would have been appropriate." The penalty for that according to his recollection was either "2 free throws, or a corner kick" which of course would be left up to the discretion of the "impeccably qualified officiating staff"