Tuesday, February 07, 2006

NFL Announces It Is Switching to Touch Football

PITTSBURGH February 7, 2006 ChiefBrief News Service - The NFL defended its officiating today, saying that the referees were just following league policy. Acting NFL commissioner Art Rooney pointed out one particular call, where Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was penalized 15 yards for tackling a Pittsburgh defensive back, by saying that the NFL had actually switched to new "touch football rules sometime in the 3rd quarter." Rooney continued by saying that "I can't count the number of times where a tiny little cornerback has been crushed by a big bad QB while innocently attempting to return an interception." and that the NFL had changed the rules "in order to protect innocent life". When asked about this unusual rule change, lead Super Bowl official Bill Leavy responded, "I don't know what the controversy is all about. We let both teams know. It is not my fault Mike Holmgren doesn't read his e-mail."