Thursday, February 02, 2006

Moonbattery Explained

I got in an on-line argument with a 9/11 conspiracy nut, which admittedly is a waste of time, but often provides amusement. I pointed out to my conspiratorial comrade that Osama had actually talked about committing the attacks on tape, after which he pointed me to this site, a moonbat hangout which alleges the tape was faked, and uses comparison of video captures to "prove" this point.

Here are the captures of bin Laden talking about the attack. Let's call this exhibit A.

So the moonbat then compares one of these captures with other captures of bin Laden.

He then concludes that "E" does not look like the other pictures. While the quality of the photo is not very good, I must agree that it doesn't.

What is wrong with this though? Well, look back at "exhibit A" and examine the aspect of the photo. It doesn't look right, in fact the aspect of the middle photo doesn't even match the other one and a half. It looks like someone sat on his head.

So what happens when you put it this picture in photoshop and do nothing other than adjust the vertical aspect so he is not all squished? Bin Laden is a tall skinny guy after all.

Wow, it looks just like Osama bin Laden, right down to the gray streaks in his beard and those beady little eyes. Amazing how that works.