Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nope, no Media Bias Here

The mainstream media is so desperate to report bad news on Iraq that even when a constitutional referendum passes they have to try and portray it in negative terms. Now what headline would you expect in a report on the Iraqi referendum passing? I would say something along the lines of this:

Iraqi Referendum Expected to Pass

But no, that simple recitation of fact would be too positive, so our friends at the Associated Press title it as such:

Sunnis Appear to Fall Short in Iraq Vote

As if the important thing was not that Iraq will probably have a constitution and a hope of a democratic government, but that the Sunnis, a minority who have mostly been trying to thwart representative rule through the use of violence and terror, have "failed" in their attempts. Maybe someone should get Saddam Hussein, and the AP, some Prozac, so they can make it through this difficult period?