Thursday, October 06, 2005

More PC Nonsense in Academia

The University of Washington has now decided to scrap its admission policies in favor of a "holistic" method measuring such factors as extracurricular activities and socio-economic status. Great, little Johnny can't read or write, but he collects beanie babies and was born in a trailer park, that should get him into school. If this is such a great method for measuring your accomplishments then why do my teachers give me grades? I want to be evaluated on the fact that I am broke, and was able to stay up all night playing football on the X-Box, while arguing with my wife, not on some arbitrary method such as the number of correct answers I get on a test.

Beginning this year, the University of Washington will no longer automatically admit top students based on their high-school grades and test scores.

The university is ditching a statewide student-ranking system called the Admissions Index, which it relied on to admit about half its students. The university is also getting rid of an internal system called the "grid," which ranked remaining students on a combination of academic and personal factors.

Instead, university staffers plan to read and review every one of the 16,000 annual freshmen applications to come up with a "holistic" assessment of each candidate. Besides academic performance, they will consider factors such as whether a student has overcome personal or social adversity, their leadership skills and their extracurricular interests.