Sunday, October 02, 2005

Knyaz Harry u Bosne

I was rather amused to read the dramatic language in this story on Britain's Prince Harry possibly serving in Bosnia. Maybe it is just me, but the idea of a monarchy becomes even more absurd when the tabloids become breathless over "dangerous" service in a peacekeeping mission where nobody has died as a result of enemy fire in 9 years. I salute anyone who serves in the Army, but I felt more in danger when I was on leave in Paris then in my 8 months in Bosnia last year. And I didn't get mentioned in a single newspaper article! But hey, at least they have the page 3 girls...

PRINCE Harry has decided to be a frontline soldier in the tough Welsh Guards.

His first Army posting would be leading 30 squaddies on a tense peacekeeping mission in war-torn Bosnia.

The 21-year-old prince could be SHOT at from rival ethnic groups during the six-month NATO mission.

A senior military source said last night: “Harry sees a tough infantry unit as the best way to prove himself.

“It is about the most dangerous place you can be in the Army.”