Friday, September 30, 2005

Krugman Imitates Me, and Parodies Himself

A while ago I posted what I termed the "C3PO Awards" in honor of the depressed slightly paranoid droid from Star Wars, a collection of equally depressed and paranoid quotes from Paul Krugman. Now, the good professor saves me the trouble of having to do a little research, and just throws every negative and depressing thing he could think of into one article, titled, "The Way it is". Geez, someone get him a Prozac.

According to France's finance minister, Alan Greenspan told him that the United States had ''lost control''of its budget deficit.David Safavian is a former associate of Jack Abramoff,the recently indicted lobbyist. Mr. Safavian oversawU.S. government procurement policy at the White HouseOffice of Management and Budget until his recent arrest.

When Senator James Inhofe, who has called scientificresearch on global warming ''a gigantic hoax,'' calleda hearing to attack that research, his star witnesswas Michael Crichton, the novelist.

Mr. Safavian is charged with misrepresenting hisconnections with lobbyists -- specifically, Mr.Abramoff -- while working at the General ServicesAdministration. A key event was a lavish golfing tripto Scotland in 2002, mostly paid for by a charity Mr.Abramoff controlled.
Among those who went on the tripwas Representative Bob Ney of Ohio.

It's not possible to attribute any one weather eventto global warming. But climate models show that globalwarming will lead to increased hurricane intensity,and some research indicates that this is already occurring.