Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bring in the Apaches

Call me un-politically correct, but anyone who is stupid enough to fire at a helicopter that is busy rescuing people deserves some 20mm fire in their direction. These looters, arsonists, and general criminals are putting the lives and livelihood of the hurricane victims at risk. This is martial law, if they happen to be shot on sight, oh well.

The evacuation of the Superdome was temporarily disrupted Thursday after shots were reported fired at a military helicopter and arson fires broke out outside the arena. No injuries were immediately reported.

An air ambulance service official said that helicopter transfers of the sick and injured were suspended, but the National Guard said Thursday that able-bodied evacuees were still being moved by bus to Houston's Astrodome.

Authorities had said Wednesday that some 25,000 people who had been in the Superdome since Sunday would be taken to the Houston Astrodome. But the unrest had caused some disruptions.
The scene at the Superdome became increasingly chaotic, with thousands of people rushing from hotels and other buildings, hoping to climb onto the buses taking evacuees from the arena, officials said. Paramedics became increasingly alarmed by the sight of people with guns.