Monday, April 11, 2005

Where is Jack Bauer when you need him?

Onething I have always found so interesting about the CIA, is that it is so hard to get in. They take the cream of the crop, a bunch of very intelligent people and then drown them in bureaucracy. Quite sad. I found this an interesting read.

And who can blame them for wondering? The CIA, as I wrote a couple of years
back, now functions in the same relation to President Bush as Pakistan's ISI
does to General Musharraf. In both cases, before the chief executive makes a
routine request of his intelligence agency, he has to figure out whether they're
going to use it as an opportunity to set him up, and if so how. For Musharraf,
the problem is the significant faction in the ISI that would like to kill him.
Fortunately for Bush, if anyone at the CIA launched a plot to kill him, they'd
probably take out G. W. Bish, who runs a feed store in Idaho.

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