Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Moonbats continue to reign in Seattle

Having worked in recruiting, I have plenty of sympathy for the job they have to do in the first place. Now they have to do their job being persecuted by people trying to make political statements. If you don't want to join the military, don't! If you don't want your kid to join the military, don't let them! But that doesn't give you the right to prevent others from having access to information on the opportunity.

Citing various concerns about the war in Iraq, recruiting tactics and the military's policy on homosexuality, a local parent-teacher-student group is urging Seattle high schools to ban military recruiters from campus.

In taking its stand, the Garfield High School PTSA expressed fears that military recruiters were aggressively targeting high school students and were sometimes misrepresenting sign-up agreements in order to meet recruiting goals.

"Public schools are not a place for military recruiters," the resolution adopted last week reads.
The move is largely symbolic -- in Seattle, the decision of whether to allow recruiters on campus is left up to principals -- but it's important to take a stand, PTSA co-chairwoman Amy Hagopian said.

The vote reflects parents' fears that their children will be "sucked into this war, through recruitment or a draft or something," she said.

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