Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Welcome back Chief

Contrary to popular opinion, we don't all know each other. Although his name does sound familiar...

A 58-year-old citizen-soldier on the O'Dea High School faculty and coaching staff is back from the Gulf War.
Andy Slatt, who was wounded in Vietnam, returned safely in March, after 14 months of duty as a logistics warrant officer who spent most of his time in Kuwait. O'Dea students and faculty are all relieved and happy to have him back.

"We missed him when he was gone," said Monte Kohler, the Seattle school's football coach, co-track coach and athletic director. "We are thankful he has returned to us safely."

Fellow track coaches also are happy to have Slatt back for O'Dea's quest for a third straight Class 3A state track and field title. That doesn't stop them from ribbing him, however, about wearing more layers of clothing than anyone else on chilly days as he readjusts from the Mideast.

Slatt is back at O'Dea doing what he loves, but he is just passionate about the mission in Iraq.
"If I was called to go back tomorrow, I'd go in a heartbeat," he said.

Although based in relatively safe Kuwait, Slatt sometimes flew into combat areas to deliver items that were urgently needed. He also made one trip to Afghanistan.

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Chase Dickinson said...

That is amazing we need more people like that. i think that he should get somthing from his school for going and fighting for his country.