Monday, March 03, 2008

Wesley Clark: Then and Now

I have never liked Wesley Clark, now I like him even less. This is the guy who ran for president, entirely on his military record, and now he is saying that McCain, who in addition to being a genuine war hero has a distinguished 20 year record in the Senate, is not as qualified as a housewife to be president:

In the national security business, the question is, do you have — when you have served in uniform, do you really have the relevant experience for making the decisions at the top that have to be made? Everybody admires John McCain's service as a fighter pilot, his courage as a prisoner of war. There's no issue there. He's a great man and an honorable man. But having served as a fighter pilot — and I know my experience as a company commander in Vietnam — that doesn’t prepare you to be commander-in-chief in terms of dealing with the national strategic issues that are involved. It may give you a feeling for what the troops are going through in the process, but it doesn't give you the experience first hand of the national strategic issues.

If you look at what Hillary Clinton has done during her time as the First Lady of the United States, her travel to 80 countries, her representing the U.S. abroad, plus her years in the Senate, I think she's the most experienced and capable person in the race, not only for representing am abroad, but for dealing with the tough issues of
national security.

What did Clark have to say about the importance of military experience in 2004 though?

Clark, a retired Army general, paid tribute to Kerry's military service in the Vietnam War and said he would do everything he could to help the senator from Massachusetts win the Democratic presidential nomination and then the White House.

"Sir, request permission to come aboard; the Army's here," a smiling Clark told Kerry, a decorated former Navy officer.

Keep in mind that Kerry spent less than 4 months in Vietnam, and weaseled his way out at the earliest opportunity, McCain spent nearly 6 years, and turned down an offer for early release out of principle. Hat tip to Hot Air.