Friday, September 21, 2007

It's the End of the World As We Know It... and the Stock Market's Fine

On August 27th the nuts over at Prison Planet warned that the stock market was going to crash because of a bunch of "billion dollar bin Laden puts" which would expire on September 21st, which is, no coincidence, today.

Hmm, so on August 27th, the S & P 500 was at 1466.79, and today it has crashed all the way down to... 1525.75, a gain of over 4%.

One could say that some rich investor lost a whole lot of money on these expired options, except as I already pointed out, this was a box-spread trade, which is not really a bet on the market but a way of borrowing money which is way too complicated for anyone who writes for Prison Planet to understand. So the odds are nobody lost any money. Tune into Alex Jones' radio show though, and I am sure you will hear differently.