Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Wanta Nuttiness

Christopher Story continues his story telling. Bizarrely he has individual members of the Supreme Court involved:

Bear in mind also that the two International Court of Justice Judges who are supervising this clean-up are joined by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Sandra Day O’Connor (for the Republican Party) and Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (for the Democratic Party). Contrary, therefore, to assertions from British MI5 sources retailed to us last year that ICJ-related arrests could not take place in the United States, the participation of the two US Associate Justices validates relevant ICJ arrest warrants’ application in the United States: hence Dr Alan Greenspan’s incarceration, which immediately followed allegations that Dr Greenspan and others may have inserted a glitch into the codes in mid-June, preventing ‘payment’. It is understood that Dr Greenspan may nevertheless still have a ‘hold harmless’ agreement containing a clause guaranteeing him a Presidential Pardon in the event of his being exposed as implicated in Wantagate (which he has been).

Supreme Court justices of course do not have political affiliations, nor do they supervise such activities. The International Court of Justice, as I have pointed out previously does not handle criminal cases, and thus has no authority to arrest anyone.

Incidently, Alan Greenspan who Story claims was arrested, despite nobody noticing, continues to appear in public:

July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said financial markets are benefiting from a ``one shot'' flow of savings from the developing world that is about half-way over.

Foreign savings have ``created this liquidity we are seeing,'' Greenspan, 81, told the Building Owners and Managers Association's international conference in New York. ``It is not permanent. It is reflective of a one shot thing. I'd say we're about half-way through.''

But other than his story being preposterous, counter to every observable fact, and completely illogical, there is nothing wrong with it...