Sunday, January 29, 2006

Geez, Could You Be More Paranoid?

I was driving near Portland this weekend and flipping through radio stations when I came across Air America. Since it is always good for a laugh, and I figured I could double their audience, I listened for a while. The name of the show escapes me but a listener called in and gave a dramatic story of his. Apparently the listener's 17 year old daughter had a bomb threat at school and had called him on her cell phone to report that. Much to the delight of the hosts he told of his fear of talking about bombs on the phone, his voice was practically quivering in melodramatic angst, presumably because the NSA was listening and would soon swoop in and grab him. The next thing you know he would be in a room with Jack Bauer asking him, "Who do you work for?"

OK, now I can understand that people may be concerned about the oversight of certain intelligence programs, but unless the guy's daughter was speaking in Arabic and goes to high school in Islamabad, I seriously doubt they were in much danger. Does he honestly think that our intelligence agencies somehow suspect that Osama bin Laden has moved to San Dimas California and turned into a 17 year old girl?