Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Western Washington Terrorist Supporters

I noticed this on LGF, and e-mailed Soundpolitics, who soon put up a post on it. This is some Democrat (a self proclaimed program director, whatever the hell that is) in Snohomish County, who writes anti-American articles for left wing websites. Initially I passed on making my comments, since this is on just about every conservative blog on the net, but I can only hold my tongue so long. If someone wants to criticize the war or the president, that is fine, but this one goes too far.

The greatest moral quandary of our day is whether we, as Americans, support the Iraqi insurgency. It’s an issue that has caused anti-war Leftists the same pangs of conscience that many felt 30 years ago in their opposition to the Vietnam War. The specter of disloyalty weighs heavily on all of us, even those who’ve never been inclined to wave flags or champion the notion of American “Exceptionalism”.

For myself, I can say without hesitation that I support the "insurgency", and would do so even if my only 21 year old son was serving in Iraq. There’s simply no other morally acceptable option.

I can't even begin to address the idiocy of someone who would argue the moral legitimacy of sacrificing his son to a bunch of head chopping car bombing terrorists.

As Americans, we support the idea that violence is an acceptable means of achieving (national) self-determination. This, in fact, is how our nation was formed, and it is vindicated in our founding document, The Declaration of Independence:

Now this utter moron is comparing Iraqi terrorist to our founding fathers? Yes, I get Al Zarqawi and Thomas Jefferson confused all the time. I just can't count all the times I have heard those rousing Al Qaeda speeches on democracy, human rights, and self determination. Apparently for this moron, the votes of 8 million Iraqis who went to the polls in January are a less important measure of the will of the Iraqi people, then car bombs being set off by a few thousand jihadists, many of whom aren't even Iraqi! I have to go now, I am going to lose it.

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