Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Postalization of Health Care

I went to the post office this morning, there is a major one only a couple of blocks from work. I simply needed to pick up some stamps. I searched around for a vending machine, as I destest having to deal with postal employees, but alas, there were none. Finally I asked a couple of employees standing behind a counter chatting with each other accomplishing nothing, if I could buy some stamps.

They informed me that I could not, because it was only 8:25, and the people who sold the stamps do not come on duty until 8:30. With a scowl I replied, "Thanks for the great service." and one of them replied sarcastically, and with no apparent sense of shame "you are welcome".

Now continuing what is possibly the world's most clueless argument for getting government involved in our healthcare, is Jesse Jackson Jr. I swear this guy is setting new records for bad economics.

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