Wednesday, January 16, 2008

McCain in Michigan

I have not been following the presidential campaing too closely, but especially on the Republican side it is getting interesting. I am rather amused how the media jumps from candidate to candidate declaring them the new frontrunner. Many have accused McCain of being some sort of media darling, with some legitimacy admittedly, but now Romney is in the limelight with much being made of him victory in Michigan. Hell, it is his homestate. The polls even show how much of a factor this was:

Forty-one percent of people who voted in the GOP primary said Romney's Michigan ties were important to them, according to exit polls.

Only 39% actually voted for Romney, so apparently even some of those who thought it was important still did not vote for him.

In the bad news column, Thompson and Giuliani came in at a scant 4 and % respectively, below even fringe candidate Ron Paul. Stick a fork in them.