Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's the End of the World as We Know it...

And I feel fine. Christopher Story lists all of the things that will happen if the fake Wanta money does not come through. Of course he has been saying this for a year, and no ill effects have been felt. Not to mention that he has also not come up with a shred of evidence:


Such sources of unnecessary delay are being overcome, but there is no time left and the tinkering has to stop. Everything is taking longer than anticipated, and time has run out. Quite simply, either the Wanta Settlement is completed (nearly 14 months late), or:

• The Euro System will disintegrate as:

• The US dollar continues its collapse and the Euro goes through the roof;

• The United States’ de facto world empire will collapse;

• The United States, reliant on ‘just-in-time’ delivery having allowed its industrial sector to be hollowed out, will be unable to manufacture anything much, since it will remain dependent on imported components which, given the collapse of the US dollar, and the refusal of foreigners to continue buying US Treasury securities, it will be unable to afford;

• Foreign predators will buy up remaining US assets at fire-sale prices;

• Foreign predators will buy up remaining UK assets at fire-sale prices;

• The United Kingdom – the underlying macroeconomic numbers of which are worse proportionately in many respects than those of the United States, following the gross mismanagement of Britain’s finances by Gordon Brown – will be reduced to penury: it has virtually no international reserves, a small productive economy, a colossal services economy, a huge parasitical public sector, and depends for its solvency on the City of London, which will be decimated in the crash;

• The British economy will be flattened anyway, as sterling paradoxically goes through the roof, as it is now doing in parallel with the US dollar’s decline, and because Britain’s macroeconomic data have never been worse;

• Householders with excessive debt will suffer excruciating consequences;

• Equity prices will implode worldwide;

• Derivatives values will go to zero (literally);

• The prices of all exotic financial products will follow;

• Financial institutions will disintegrate overnight;

• Central banks will be unable to handle the situation, yet will panic, printing money on a scale with no precedent (if they have time, which is unlikely);

• Unemployment will soar around the world;

• The Chinese economy will collapse, with 40% of its state-owned enterprises currently continuing to make losses and its foreign markets disintegrating;

• The East Asian economies will experience conditions that will be liable to throw some of them back to pre-industrial living standards;

• Germany, with its huge derivatives exposure, will be severely impacted, and has no defence against predatory hedge funds seizing control of vast swathes of the German economy – just as predatory German organisations have acquired strategic holdings amounting almost to a political stranglehold of the British economy in recent years;

• Germany’s secret DVD-driven long-range hegemony strategy will crumble;

• The southern European EU ‘Member States’, decimated by the artificially high Euro, will exit the socialist European Union Collective one after the other;• Africa will be abandoned and will become a continental Zimbabwe;

• Latin America will be able to export more given the linkages of its currencies to the collapsing US dollar, but in the context of global conditions life will not be easy. Very severe financial problems will inevitably overwhelm the entire region;

• Rates of inflation will soar into the 20s, and will rapidly reach hyperinflationary
levels in some countries, with escalating inflation trends liable to be curbed only by declines in Gross Domestic Product, as in Argentina some years ago;

• There will be no bolt-holes for ‘funny money’;

• Holders of stolen gold will probably be 'liquidated’.

• Soup kitchens will sprout everywhere (as we warned on 2nd September last year [see Archive]: no-one was listening).

And on that note, I am going on vacation. Later.