Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maybe They Should Get Better Lawyers?

One of the inviolable rules of conspiracy theories is that anything which contradicts it, is only proof of the depth of the coverup. Greg Szymanski has another Wanta update, in which he complains about the fact that Wanta has not come up with his mythical $4.5 trillion has he has long promised he would. This is of course, not an indication of Wanta's dishonesty, but proof that the Illuminati are sneaky little bastards who will do anything to avoid paying up. It is quite convenient logic, you can't lose. Quite hilarious to read too.

The holidays have come on gone and the American people never received their $4.5 trillion Christmas present, as promised by former Treasury agent Leo Wanta.

"There is a lot more going on behind the scenes of this story than meets the eye," said one avid Arctic Beacon reader who has closely followed the story. "You must ask: Who really is controlling the trillions of dollars, will the money ever be released fore the betterment of the economy and, of course, what are the real intentions of all the parties involved?"

The reader is referring to the complex financial scenario surrounding the Wanta trillions and the hold-up of the $4.5 trillion settlement agreed upon in May between Wanta and certain high-level U.S. officials regarding off-shore and off-the-books money amassed at the end of the Cold War.

This story, which they constantly complain has been ignored by the military, has still managed to create ripples throughout the financial community, despite being completely ignored by everyone. Whoever knew that the Arctic Beacon was so heavily trafficked by the Wall Street set.

For the last several months Wanta has remained out of the public eye as he works behind the scenes trying to gain release of the money.

"He'd like to talk but he just can't at this time," said Cottrell who also promised to keep the American people abreast of the status and whereabouts of the $4.5 trillion."

For the last six months, the Wanta story has generated tremendous interest around the world in terms of human interest and, more importantly, creating shockwaves in international financial circles as the U.S. has been accused of not being able to honor its commitments.

For example, one reader interested in the story said: "I was thinking perhaps you should add something like "trillions??" since so many people still don't know who Leo Wanta is, even though this is the most important story of the decade."

Interestingly enough, this is all being controlled by the Vatican.

And for those who back Wanta, they call him the "ultimate patriot" trying to "buck the system" while stopping the global elite and Vatican-led Illuminati, trying to destroy America on all fronts.

But for those more skeptical readers, they claim Wanta is not telling the whole story, adding the powers that be never will release such a large sum of money or do anything to benefit the economy. They further claim Wanta could be used as a smokescreen to cover the real thievery of trillions going on behind the scenes, including involvement by high level Vatican officials and their minions working in the U.S. government.

I just have one question. Do the Jews know about this? Get me Mr. Rothchilds on the phone...