Saturday, June 03, 2006


I am in the middle of finals and looking for a summer internship, so as you can tell I haven't been posting much. What little posting time I have had has been over at Screw Loose Change.

I have drill this weekend. We spent all day today in the field at the firing range, and one of our lieutenants is leaving because her husband is transfering, so my CO decided we should go out to dinner at the Olive Garden to wish her well.

After a couple of hours of pasta and drinks the waitress brings us each our bill, so I get out my credit card. A few minutes later another waitress comes by and asks for our bill. I hand her the bill and my card and she hands back my card and tells me, "No, I just want your bill."

I didn't understand, so with a dumb look on my face, I held the card out towards her and explained that I didn't have any cash, this was the only way I could pay.

"You don't understand" the waitress continued. "You aren't paying. Someone else is paying. He said he wanted to pay for everyone here in uniform."

We asked repeatedly who it was, but the waitress kept his anonymity. Some unidentified man, we couldn't tell who in a crowded restaurant, just spent nearly $200 buying dinner for a group of tired and dirty National Guardsman.

We don't know who you are, and the odds of you reading this are slim to none, but thanks. Your gesture was very appreciated.