Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Idiocy in Education

I have been on vacation so I am a bit behind in my blogging, but I came across this idiotic article by former Washington governor Booth Gardner on eliminating the WASL, the state education exam.

There are also causes for the achievement gap inside the walls of many schools. Our public-education system is based on a single dominant European culture. As a result, many students of color feel they are studying in a foreign land. They don't see teachers who look like them. They are not likely to read much about people from their culture or background. If they are Native American, they will probably study civics without ever hearing a word about their own sovereign tribal governments.

Oh really, so which ethnic group has the highest acheivement standards in Washington State, is it those "dominant European culture" whites? No, it is Asians. Somehow I don't see them whining about how they can't learn because the teachers don't look like them or because they don't learn Chinese or Vietnamese culture in the classroom. They just do their homework and work their butts off.

That would be too much to ask of other "underrepresented minorities" though, so the left just continues to practise the bigotry of low expectations. H/T Soundpolitics.