Monday, June 13, 2005

More on income inequality

Powerline complete decimates Krugman on this issue. If he were a prisoner, Amnesty International would be complaining about this one.

I can't resist this parting shot: Krugman writes darkly that "Since 1980 in particular, U.S. government policies have consistently favored the wealthy at the expense of working families..." Let's test Krugman's thesis by referring to his apparent gold standard, the Census Bureau's median family income data. Let's refer to the data for "Married Couple-Families" to avoid the demographic distortion described above. Here are the numbers: during the decade from 1970 to 1980, median income rose 13.4% in constant 2003 dollars. During the twenty years beginning in 1980, median income rose an average of 13.5% per decade. Which shows, I guess, how government policies devastated the middle class beginning in the last year of the Carter administration.