Thursday, March 31, 2005

Putting the Smackdown on Liberal Lying Profs

Hey, WWU professors should not attempt to argue economics with future UW MBA candidates on the prowl. Floyd McKay, a frequent guest columnist for the Seattle Times published a rather ridiculous and fact impaired editorial yesterday to which I quickly sent off an e-mail (he never should have listed his Yahoo account). His reply was the typical expected, I am right, and even if I am not, it doesn't make a difference because my intentions are correct. Last year I previously e-mailed him on a error he made on the Bush Air National Guard issue with a similar response. Both him and the Times refused to issue a correction, but this time the Times has said they will run my letter to the editor in tomorrow's edition. Yeah, I am almost famous.

For the time being the folks at were nice enough to publish my letter. It is a great local blog, I highly recommend it. So this is my little accomplishment for accountability in the media. Power to the people!

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